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Our STEM+ Programs (Robotics, Coding, Math and SAT)



Our Robotics program focuses on engineering design, spatial thinking, problem solving and team work. We encourage students to learn these skills and showcase them in various competitions such as Junior FLL(First Lego League), FLL and VEX IQ challenges. Our students have won state and national level challenges in the above competitions. Please see the Achievements page for our students accomplishments. Click below to register in our Robotics Program!

Coding (K-10)

The technology today is fast pacing and we are at the forefront of an incredible and unimaginable future. The coding skills acquired by students can be applied to any career path they choose. We will enable them to learn concepts of coding and how these skills can be applied to various other subjects (math, science, art) all the while having fun in the classroom. We have coding for kids of all ages. Click below to register for coding program of your choice.

Adarsha Academic and Competitive Math (AACM) Program

We conduct multiple STEM programs ( Robotics, Coding, Math ) in east valley area of Phoenix, AZ (Chandler) along with PSAT, SAT and ACT coaching classes.


Abacus method is a proven tool for young learners to improve their arithmetic skills along with memory, listening, visualization and reasoning skills. It also makes mathematics fun and useful. 

Please click below to register for our Abacus program.


Adarsha Academy is stating batches for SAT/ACT/PSAT. Click here to register your spot.

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